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  KHODA CORP.   dba

MGM TRANSPORTATIONS      Home Page        Please fill out the form and submit it to us.



 Corporate account application



      Thank you for choosing MGM Transportation Services. Your corporate account application is enclosed. Please take a little time to review the terms and to complete the application fully.

    Once your Corporate Account has been established, you can begin immediately to enjoy the convenience, comfort and professional service of MGM transportations.

    You will be responsible for all trips charged to your account, So it is extremely important that you do not give your account information to anyone. We request that you notify us of cancellation at least  48hours prior to the schedule pick-up time,  If you do not cancel, or cancel less than 48 hours (  72 hours out of USAlongchamp outlet | chanel replica | gucci replica ) prior to pick-up time, you will be billed the minimum fare. Our payment terms are: Net balance due upon receipt. 

All un paid balances will incur 1.5% finance charge after 14 days until paid. If you question a charge, Please contact our office immediately to resolve the  matter.


  MGM Transportation.       

Corporate Information


Guest Name/Company Name                                                                                                                   Federal Id Number



City:                                                                                  State:                                Zip Code:


Telephone:                                                                      E-mail:


Cell Number:



I hereby authorize MGM Transportation Services to apply charges to the following 


credit card for the services rendered by MGM Transportation services to:



VISA                       Master Card                   American Express   



Credit Card #   Exp. Date:


Name On Credit card Pin #



 Drivers License Info:     



Credit Card Billing Address.



City:                                                                                   State:                                Zip Code:






I, The Undersigned, Authorize Release of Credit Information to MGM Transportations

Name:                                                                                                                          Date: