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A service charge of $10.50 will apply to all airport pick-ups for tolls and parking.  There is a 8% Admin. and license fee on all invoices. 
All rates, minimums, and policies are subject to change without notice and may vary from time to time.

Rate Sheet  We offer the absolutely most economical rates. The following are local rates. For Long Distance Locations Rates, click here.

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   Mercedes Benz:      $95/hr or* $3.00mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   SUVs:      $90/hr or* $3.00/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   3px Sedan:      $65/hr or* $2.50/mile - 2 hrs. minimum
   6px Stretch:      $75/hr or* $2.75/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   8px Stretch:      $85/hr or* $2.75/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   10px Stretch:      $95/hr or* $3.00/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   8/14px Van:      $95/hr or* $3.0/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
    Luxury Van      $Call For Price & Avilability
   Cargo Van      $75/hr or* $2.75/mile - 3 hrs. minimum
   18/24px Coach:      $140/hr or* $3.00/mile - 5 hrs. minimum
   Yatcht Coch Up to 30 px      $Call For Price & Availability
   47/56px Bus:      $185/hr or* $6.75/mile - 5 hrs. minimum
   14 To 22px S.Stretch SUV:         Call For Price & Availability
   Exotic Super Stretch Suv       Call For Price & Availability
  Airport Concierge       Call For Price & Availability
Note: Hourly or per mile charge occur which ever is greater, plus 20% gratuity on all rates.

Passenger and Cargo Vans have a three hour minimum.  
Mini Coaches have a five hour minimum.  
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Buses have a five hour minimum. 
                                                                        There is a minimum of half an hour traveling time charge each way.
Airport Concierge Service is available upon request.  
No-shows and/or late cancellations are subject to the minimum charge of vehicle.